Shandong JINTA Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is located in Feicheng (a city known as the Town of Peaches), Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Mount Tai in the east, next to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, in the south, neighboring Liangshan in the west and the City of Springs - Jinan in the north. It is a place enjoying favorable geographical and culture advantages and giving birth to many famous people.

Jinta Group is China’s manufacturing base of complete sets of alcohol, ethanol and DDGS production equipment. It is capable of undertaking one-stop service (including design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning) for 100-500,000t/year full-set alcohol, ethanol, and DDGS projects - the “turn-key projects. In recent years, Jinta has undertaken multiple full-set alcohol projects for many large companies including Sichuan Wuliangye, Bozhou Gujinggong, and Shandong Zhongxuan Group. The products benefit thousands of users in more than 20 cities and provinces. Jinta Group has self-run import and export rights, and the products are sold in more than twenty countries such as Australia, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, Iran, and Bangladesh. It is hailed as the “Pyramid” in China.

Jinta is equipped with complete machining equipment, and a sound quality assurance system. It has the national qualifications for making and designing Class I and Class II pressure vessels and for manufacturing Class III pressure vessels. In recent years, Jinta been actively expanding product areas, and has undertaken many chemical projects including pharmaceutical, PVC, furfural, furfuryl alcohol and so on, where the representative customers include Qilu Pharmaceutical Factory, Freda, Shandong Bohui Group, Zibo Organic Chemicals and so on. Jinta has received unanimously praises from users.

We are willing to wholeheartedly and sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life with first-class technology, first-class equipment, and first-class service!

Chairman, party secretary and general manager, Zhang Jisheng, looks forward to friends from all walks of life visiting us for guidance!

Service hotline: 0538-3399066 ;   0538-3393566;   0538-0538-3393266

Fax: 0538-3399066

Zip code: 271600

Address: Feicheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shandong Province

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