Warmly celebrate the completion of the Alcohol Distillation Laboratory of Qilu University of Technol2015-04-16

Feicheng Jinta Machinery Co., Ltd. and Qilu University of Technology reached a strategic partnership, became the social practice base of Qilu University of Technology, and established the distillation laboratory of Qilu University of Technology, which promoted the company and Qilu University of Technology in alcohol equipment and other aspects. The partnership has further developed.

The laboratory is equipped with distillation towers, automatic control equipment, rotary evaporators, experimental vacuum pumps, inspection instruments, laboratory distillation systems and various distillation tower trays. It can independently carry out laboratory distillation of various materials, and visually check the adaptability of materials to various tray shapes and tray boiling conditions, and complete the process flow test in the laboratory, and detail the product composition. Inspection analysis. Throughout the process, laboratory analysis results can be directly applied to the alcohol industry, providing strong support for technical and alcohol equipment improvements.


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