In order to implement the Provincial Government's Opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights and Enhancing the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises, further strengthen the creation, use, management and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises, enhance the capacity for independent innovation, realize the scientific management and strategic use of intellectual property rights, and improve the international And the competitiveness of the domestic market. Comrade Zhang Jisheng, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, personally organized two mobilization meetings and attached great importance to the work of intellectual property rights. In accordance with the standardization procedures, through training, internal audit, management review, on November 30, 2018, successfully passed the audit of China Standard (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd., and obtained the certification!

The successful completion of the certification work marks the company's intellectual property management level has reached a new level, the standardized management of intellectual property has gradually become the new normal of the company's work, will escort the company's healthy development!


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