Russias complete production line of 50,000 tons of anhydrous alcohol equipment will be delivered on2015-09-21



Warmly celebrate the complete production line of 50,000 tons of anhydrous alcohol equipment signed by Jinta Machinery Co., Ltd. and Russia on September 5th.

 This alcohol plant consists of a complete set of equipment such as towers, vessels, heat exchangers, molecular sieves, pumps, and pipelines. This is an important step for our company in the international market and has laid a solid foundation for entering the European market. The contract is signed, produced, shipped and other aspects, the company's various departments work closely together, and have completed the contract as their responsibility, fully embodies the company's ultra-high design capabilities, strong production capacity. The success of this contract depends on the company's adherence to the concept of “governing enterprises according to law, honest cooperation, seeking pragmatism, pioneering and innovative”, and insisting on strengthening the company's design and technical strength, and the company's production and processing capabilities. Jinta Machinery Co., Ltd. will comply with relevant laws, regulations and regulations, design safely and rigorously, and provide supporting advanced technology, technology and equipment. Continue to provide top-notch enterprise qualifications and mature design solutions to provide reliable services for new and old customers at home and abroad, become the industry leading brand, set a new benchmark for the development of bioenergy industry at home and abroad, and contribute to the long-term development of the ethanol and alcohol industry. .

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